About the Development category

This category is for discussions related to any sort of product development in Covalent. If you have quick questions about the use of these products, please use our Discord or Learning Centre Category.

How to use this Category most efficiently:

  1. Look for the Product in the subcategory that you are concerned with. For example API, API Docs etc.
  2. Search before creating a topic using keywords.

Although discourse will do a fuzzy search for you when you create a topic, it is good practice to do it anyways.

  1. If you find one that is already related to your topic, go and like it and comment +1, so it signals us as a priority.

  2. If you don’t find a related topic and you are creating a new one, please follow the template to help the community and us.

  3. We will update the topics with tags: (Selected as Backlog, In Progress, Shipped) to keep you updated.