Get Log events by contract address : Empty items after match function

Description: When I try to get the data from “Get Log events by contract address” again after applying a match primer filtering, I get an empty item list. I have to reload the documentation page for my search to work.

Reproduction step:

  1. Go to endpoints: Get Log events by contract address
  2. Fill in the following information (see below) and run the query. Normally only 1 result is returned:
    • contract address: 0xBd3531dA5CF5857e7CfAA92426877b022e612cf8
    • starting-block: 12878195
    • ending-block: 12878196
    • match: {"$and":[{“log_offset”:25},{“block_height”:12878195}]}
  3. Clear the match function and run the query.

Expected result: The list of all log events for the above information should be returned.

Real Result : An empty list

Workaround : Refresh the browser and re-execute the point 3 and you get the result.

First observation: it seems to come from a cache. Because you can see that in the wrong result the date is 21:07 while it is approximately 21:19 when I make the request.

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Recorded! I will pass it on