Klaytn chain - Contract symbol mismatch

I was going to add the chain to my list but I’m seeing something odd. Is the Klaytn chain covalent has the same as this one? I see some discrepancies in the token. For example covalent is listing the contract symbol as ETH, but on coingecko and coinmarketcap says KLAY

Can someone expand on this?

Also for: chain_id 1287 Moonbeam the token symbol & contract_name appears as dev. The tokens are not appearing, take a look at this random address I picked: 0xf3918988eb3ce66527e2a1a4d42c303915ce28ce that address has 7,106,669.2017 GLMR and 0.1000 STELLA and it’s not being picked up by covalent.

Hey @Arturo ,
Klaytn issue is fixed now,

Regarding Moonbeam Moonbase Alpha Testnet,
DEV is the correct symbol

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