About the API category

Hello Covalent Community!
This category exists so you tell us what problems you are facing when using our APIs or what features/ endpoints would you want us to buidl. We will also use this forum to update you on what we are working on and what’s shipped. So if you create a topic or if there’s a topic that interests you, turn on the notifications for it.

Category guidelines:

  1. You can use this category to create new topics to report bugs or raise feature requests that you have about our APIs. Please keep the scope of the category to a single product - which is API in this case.

  2. To create a topic follow the following steps of parent category Development:

    • Search before creating a topic using keywords. Although discourse will do a fuzzy search for you when you create a topic, it is good practice to do it anyway.
    • If you find one that is already related to your topic, go and like it by clicking on “:heart:” and comment +1, so it signals us as a priority that community wants.
    • If don’t find a related topic and you are creating a new one, please follow the template to help the community and us.
  1. We will update the topics with tags: (Selected as Backlog, In Progress, Shipped) to keep you updated.

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