Add API Endpoint to get a Wallet's holding on a given Date

Hey I’m Dukeeehhh (@Dukeeehhh) and I’m building an app, where a user can paste their wallet addresses to then be able to track the portfolio alltogether and check how well it performed in the past. They should be able to see which tokens they held in the past and possibly even fill out tax forms for them.

However with the current Covalent’s API Setup, there is no systematic way to do that. What could be possibly done is calculate the holding based on the wallet Transactions and then add or subtract the amount after each transaction. However thats very computation heavy and also not really error prone.

There already exists a 30 day history Wallet holdings endpoint, so based on that, it might be possible to extend it to get this data by a chosen date?

Nevertheless, would be much appreciated if something like this could be offered, or at least an endpoint that helps achieving this goal.

Thanks for reading.

(I still can’t figure out how to create polls in here)