Inaccurate API results on Token Holders at particular block

Background is I’m pulling all token holders of a token at a particular block and it’s missing some of the token holders. I’ve validated some of the missing addresses/holders using the BscScan API. Please help :weary:

Here is the particular API call (my API key removed):

Here is one of the missing wallets from the output: 0x0E8132F8c6Aee864B87c3ddB084665Af0c4F36cD

BscScan API to show they actually have a balance (my API key removed) 0x94CEA04C51E7d3EC0a4A97Ac0C3B3c9254c2aD41&address= 0x0E8132F8c6Aee864B87c3ddB084665Af0c4F36cD&blockno= 13595858&apikey=YourAPIKey

is there a typical response time of when I can expect a reply? Just curious to see if I need to work on another solution.

Extremely sorry for the late response. Our office was closed for 2 weeks. Investigating right away.

Also adding class A tag. It helps us prioritize

Hello, anymore progress on this? Thanks!

It’s a rebasing token and we don’s support those yet on balances and token-holders endpoint. That’s why the discrepancy

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