Getting erc1155 Data from "Get token balances for address"

hey guys, who can help me with the API? I feel like a found a bug with Get token balances for address

When I check the nft box to true, I get back an erc1155 contract that says balance 0 and has an nft_data array of [] (empty)

When I also check no-nft-fetch to true, I now get back a balance of 4 on that same contract, and an array of length 4. Only issue though is i need the metadata for the 721s. So, in order to get the 1155s and the 721s with all the metadata & the 1155 balances, i would need to make 2 calls

API Reqs: (without ckey)
curl -X GET

curl -X GET

It’s also not giving me any nft_metadata for contract; 0x3A6f22b9D33D68FaB863bb5c17E9D31476DF9FEA

In short, struggling to load 1155 balances + metadata

Hey Jack,
Investigating now.
Just to confirm

  1. can you give which erc 1155 had zero balance?
    I am looking into this and it says 2

  2. Noted the issue with metadata.