Change Chain Names to something more meaningful

Right now when we fetch the list of Chains we get something like:

 "name": "matic-mainnet",
23         "chain_id": "137",
24         "is_testnet": false,
25         "db_schema_name": "chain_matic_mainnet",
26         "label": "Matic Mainnet",
27         "logo_url": ""
28       },

There is a repetition between title and label, I think that title should only say the title of the chain, example:

  • instead of eth-mainnet it could say: Etherium
  • instead of matic-mainnet it could say: Polygon

and then just keep the label with the relevant information which as mainnet, but the name should be relevant to the user with a common name.

Right now I’m fetching for it and I have no way to show to the user in a simple way which kind of network is it without hardcoding names… see the problem? Besides you are basically repeating the same thing twice in name and label :slight_smile:

What do you think?


you can change it yourself on the client. I did so. you can check

That’s what I did. But I still think what I wrote should be implemented.