Indexing Harmony Protocol and Creating Covalent end points

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My name is Gnana Lakshmi(a.k.a Gyan) and I am currently one of the leaders of the Education Guild @Covalent’s AlchemistDAO. I am also a freelance blockchain consultant working as a Blockchain Architect at CoinFantasy, CTO at, and the Chief Blockchain Officer at EtherNaal. I have been in the blockchain space for over 5 years now and have been working as an ambassador with several Blockchain projects. I love working on new ideas and innovating in this space, both as a developer, an architect, and as an educator.

My interest in writing this proposal is most specifically centered around a project that my team and I are working on, which would be deployed on the Harmony blockchain.



This proposal is a request to create Covalent APIs to access the transactional and NFT related data present on the Harmony Blockchain. My motivation behind this proposal is to provide seamless data to our Decentralized Application. My current project, known as BeNeFiT, is an NFT Marketplace created for charity purposes, where artists can choose to donate a portion or whole of their sales to a charity of their choice. Our marketplace is set to launch in about 2-3 months on Harmony Mainnet and it would be great to be able to get the NFT and transactions-related data from Covalent API, to display on our front end.

My team and I are also working on another gaming project, which we would like to bring to Harmony, where we would be using event-based data extensively. Creating an indexer for Harmony and indexing the chain to provide APIs would be a boon for developers building on Harmony.

Mission and Value Alignment

Harmony Protocol is slowly rising to become one of the popular layer-1 chains. Its Effective Proof of Stake consensus mechanism and EVM compatibility makes it a lucrative option for developers to build on top of the chain and reduce the rising gas costs in Ethereum. Developers can use existing dev tooling in the Ethereum ecosystem to build on Harmony. According to a recent article by CoinDesk here, Harmony is prepared to invest 300$ million dollars in grants and other funding to encourage developers to build/migrate to Harmony.

All the above factors indicate that the Harmony chain is set to see massive growth when it comes to adoption and building. This would be a great time to collaborate with the chain and create APIs that would ensure that more developers developing on Harmony can consume the Covalent APIs and subsequently become a part of our ecosystem.

Resouces Required

  • Smart Contract Engineer
  • Backend engineer to build the APIs
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In my opinion this is a good idea and worth to try.


This would help our video game project deploy a lot easier in Harmony as well.


@gyan0890 great idea! Is there a sneak peak into how the indexing is going to be focused on, and what the API design looks like?

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Thank you for writing the proposal, Gnana!

The proposal is live on Snapshot for everyone to vote.

Please vote here: Snapshot