DEXF#1: Incorrect token price returned from balances_v2 endpoint

Incorrect price fluctuations observed for below tokens:

  1. ADA price fluctuations.
    Price from Coingecko: $2.14
    Price from covalent: $2.84
    Endpoint: /v1/56/address/0x6945139040F1a224b2F32310466b16Cb1F836c5b/balances_v2/?key=

  2. FINE token is returning correct price now but earlier this had issues, price fluctuations can be observed in this as well same like ADA above:
    The price of FINE token right now is approx 0.41$ (http(s):// but balances_v2 is returning “quote_rate”: 0.2985166.
    Also validated the response from coingecko ‘Get coin info from contract address’ API. It is returning correct price i.e. 0.41$
    Could you please get this checked and help us understand how frequently covalent updates price?
    Endpoint: /v1/56/address/0x608C4CC09c418AF381B90c0d23ADDCd087eB5d36/balances_v2/?key=
    Contract Address: 0x4e6415a5727ea08aae4580057187923aec331227

  3. Valkyrio price fluctuations
    For Valkyrio Token incorrect “quote_rate”: 0.9212637 is coming and VALK price ATH till now is $0.403999 only. Could you please get this checked?
    Coingecko: http(s)://
    Covalent Endpoint: /v1/56/address/0xa5ca6A1DC6Eb120EC1a7368D3618792D68FdD308/balances_v2/?key=

  4. Same issue with 1Inch
    Curren price is $4.18 on coin gecko and covalent returned 3.66
    Endpoint: /v1/1/address/0x6035379e61a57951101aa01723Ee60da8477Cc07/balances_v2/?key=

  5. FUPS token price incorrect:
    i) Data with correct FUPS token price:
    Endpoint: /v1/56/address/0x19eFE7cF88b6D55fB2bdB8D5028ee38936C84317/balances_v2/?key=
    Coingecko: http(s)://
    ii). Data with incorrect FUPS token price:
    Endpoint: /v1/56/address/0x83198a96914cdFbdBA7bDABec7f19a4625AE8203/balances_v2/?key=

  6. Wrong price of VGX
    VGX(0.10$) returned by covalent but at coingecko it’s $2.24 (@11:30pm est 25th Oct)

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Thanks! investigating