DEXF#2: Footie token price returning as same for different chains

This 0xF0074d056D005C0696e699Ef5312111750835885 address holds Footie token on BSC and Matic network. The price of footie is different on both networks but balances_v2 is returning the same “quote_rate”: 0.0059809466 for both network calls.
Footie Matic Contract Address: 0x47cac8a868e301afb89b52ac31665858938e96b5
Footie Matic Price: $0.000111 (checked on Quickswap)
Footie BSC Contract Address: 0x1062b27581401aac6b32a41d9507d1986f8b23e7
Footie BSC Price: $0.0059