Get Pancakeswap v2 pools

is there a problem with Get Pancakeswap v2 pools ? I keep getting empty results when using tokens for which pools definitely exist. i.e.:

I can swap in addresses for something like WBNB or BTCB etc and it will bring back a slew of results, however many tokens such as the one specified return no pools at all.

Edit: after further review, it looks like this is returning results dated as follows:
updated_at": ā€œ2021-10-24T01:09:01.855Zā€

Has this feature been abandoned? It is returning results for October 24 2021 no matter what contract address is specified, and since the ones I tried were newer coins there was no data from that time period.

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Please use XYK endpoint to get pool details. Use pancake swapV2 for the dexname.

We will stop maintaining pancakeswapv2 soon