API for grab the first coins listing on big cex

     We should create the api function of grabing  coins listing on big cex like binance and  coinbase,and shit coins like SHIB listed on pancake ,thus people can  use this api for short short-term trading ,like elon  make a Twitter about doge pump on 16:00,the api tells us on 16:01 then we can buy doge immediately and sell them when its on good price(like buy at 0.35 on16:01 and sell at 0.45 on 16:30). Here is a sample picture

   As the same,now SHIB makes people a big big fomo on shitcoin,so covalent can supply the api related to dex like pancake about shitcoin's very first listing to help people do the very short-term buy and sell .

This API should be called /v2/covalent/make/me/rich/pls haha