Proposal for Covalent to index Ronin (Axie Infinity's Ethereum side-chain) and creating API endpoints

Author(s) (Twitter IDs): @ZorenX_Official


Hi! My name is Hans Friedrich Zoren Lorenzana, or mostly known as Zoren. I am one of the regional leaders(Philippines) of Covalent’s AlchemistDAO and one of the admins for Covalent main, price channel and AlchemistDAO telegram channels. I am also working as a management accountant in a local firm while also getting a degree in Computer Science. I’ve been in crypto space since 2017 and ever since, have been involved in other blockchain projects such as Axie Infinity.

Axie Infinity is the very first blockchain game that I’ve known(since 2019), invested in, played and managed as part of the Axie Scholarship program. This serves as my interest in writing this proposal as I’ve observed and experienced some problems as an Axie manager, a player, an accountant and as a starting developer which I think needs solutions only Covalent can provide.



This proposal is a request to index the Axie Infinity sidechain, Ronin chain, and create Covalent API endpoints for accessing transaction data and NFT metadata present in the Axie Infinity space through the Ronin Chain. By doing so, deep, granular and historical data within the Ronin chain will be accessed by users which I believe will address the problems faced. Some of these problems are:

  • Lack of Axie scholarship tracking/managing tools
  • Developing the tools is time-intensive and requires extensive coding knowledge
  • Expensive tools deployment but tools are free-to-use
  • Current data providers of the currently created tools are unstable and often, downtime and data errors are experienced

It would also be great to index the Ronin chain and create endpoints for this as early as possible as preparation for the upcoming Axie:Land feature of the game, Ronin DEX and a possible new SkyMavis game, where more data is expected to be needed. Furthermore, taxation on earnings from play-to-earn games such as Axie Infinity has been often discussed by some governments (CNNPhilippines) and may become a possibility.

Mission and Value Alignment

Axie Infinity has steadily been one of the top-grossing blockchain projects and NFT games out there. From the introduction of Ronin chain, active players grew from 25k(October 2020) to its current count of nearly 2M daily active players as per their October development update. This data does not even count the massive number of developers actively building within the Ronin Chain and primary users such as managers and investors. As the Axie Infinity community grows larger, so thus Ronin chain users. Ronin chain is also the most used NFT Ethereum sidechain, and with its continuous updates, can easily take the spot as the top scaling solution for NFT games in the future.

Hence, it is the best time to index the Ronin chain and provide endpoints as early as now. This collaboration will also not only introduce the high number of active developers from Ronin/Axie, but will also bring its awesome diverse community to the Covalent ecosystem. Just like:

  • Axie players/gamers joining the Esports Guild
  • Ronin developers building within Covalent, and joining Dev Guild
  • Alpha Alarm of Research Guild providing real-time visual data graphics to both Covalent and Axie ecosystem, and so much more.

Resources Required:

  • Smart Contract Engineer
  • Backend Engineer to build the APIs
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Geat news for Covalent ! Ofc yes!


Great idea!


Thank you, @ZorenX for writing the proposal. The above proposal has passed both the Governance Forum and Discord consensus. The next steps include the proposal going live on Snapshot.

We will be pushing the proposal on your behalf on Covalent’s Snapshot page.

For everyone – please go through the governance process to learn more about the steps involved,