Proposal to add Optimism to Class A Endpoints

Dear Covalent Community

I am Xeonus, a core contributor for the Balancer DAO, and contributor to Beethoven-X. In the name of both protocols I would like to propose the following: add Optimism to Class A Endpoints

Over the past weeks, the Balancer DAO and Beethoven-X have experimented with Class A endpoints to fetch historical wallet data and ERC20 token balances. In doing so, we created community analytics dashboards such as our DAO fee collector page and our Treasury view. So far, we are very happy with the APIs and would love to explore an advanced usage. To so so, we would need support for Optimism.

Our teams, in particular Beethoven-X, a leading DEX on Fantom], are in the process of creating a new UI for their AMM front-end (side note: Beethoven-X is a friendly fork of Balancer). We want to support advanced wallet metrics for FTM and OP (as well as protocol fee and treasury analytics as has been done for Balancer). Therefore, we would need OP support to make a first MVP of our v2 front-end.

With this proposal we ask to

  • index Optimism
  • add Class A endpoints for Optimism, in particular for Balances and Transactions as referred to in the API documentation

P.S.: we know that there is already another proposal in this regard, but we wanted to be a bit more specific


Seconded. I am the dev for Your API for Arbitrum provides correct transaction fees, unlike arbiscan. Would be nice to have the same for Optimism, whose explorer’s API also fails to provide correct fees.