Wrong Data Coming for Covalent Api

Hey guys! I’m new here hope it’s the right place to post this ticket!
I’m using Covalent API to get NFT global market data. I noticed that for some NFT collections, such as Cool cats (0x1A92f7381B9F03921564a437210bB9396471050C), the data coming is extremely wrong, which is strongly worrying for the rest of the API. I’ve compared with Opensea API Data (taking care of converting from WEI to ETH), and noticed huge discrepancies.

I just wanna also bring up the fact that the data is correct and consistent with Opensea for some other Contract, such as BAYC.

I’ve attached an example below, for the 24hour Volume coming from both Opensea and Covalent. The values for Cool Cats for Covalent are abnormally huge (35k etc for Cool Cats compared to 1k in opeasea…).

Any help would be appreciated, because this raises concerns on the quality of the whole data of the API.