Too much LAG

Me and others on the discord chat wrote that we are experiencing A Lot of Lag while fetching data on chains, I’m specifically using the class A token balance endpoint.

There is so much lag that I’m afraid every time I have to refresh because it would take so much time, sometimes I just leave the old data, that’s a sign that something is wrong.

Is there something going on? What’s the fix?

Thanks team

I’m experiencing this issue too, sometimes it take several minutes, sometimes it takes 150ms, and sometimes I get null.
Looks like the data is fetched each time we call the api, so a cache system (if there not) will be a good improvement because data is refreshed each 2 blocks.
Maybe several additionnal servers too to use as fallbacks can solve this issue ?

Also I recommend to cache the data on your app, because even if api response is wrong, you can fetch data from your cache, then you can update balances directly using web3 and a RPC endpoint, also for fiat convertion you can use coingecko or other public api as a fallback.
If you really need last txs/events, I think (eth/bsc/ftm/…)scan api’s is the best compromise if you don’t want to use graphql api’s.